Greater Deity
Symbol Sheild bearing cornucopia
Home Plane Celestia
Alignment Lawful Good
Portfolio Halflings, Protection, Fertility
Worshipers Halflings, Explorers, Pioneers
Cleric Alignments LG, NG, LN
Domains Good, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon Short Sword
Played by Admin

The deity of halflings, Yondalla (yon-dah-lah), appears as a strong female halfling, with a proud bearing. She dresses in green, yellow, and brown, and always carries a shield. Yondalla is the creator and protector of the halfling race.

Yondalla espouses harmony within the halfling race and stalwart defense against its enemies. She urges her people to work with others but to remain true to their halfling heritage. Most halflings heed this advice, which allows them to form close-knit enclaves where halflings are welcomed, even when they have settled in areas where other creatures predominate. Yondalla also teaches that opportunities are there to be seized, which leads most halflings to be both adaptable and somewhat opportunistic. Yondalla brooks no evil among halflings, but she does not despise any halfling. Rather, she seeks to guide halflings who have lost their way back to their homes and friends.

Clergy and Temples
Clerics of Yondalla are concerned with all areas of halfling life, except for thievery. (Thievery arises among halflings, the clerics say, from a too-liberal interpretation of Yondalla’s advice about seizing opportunities.) Yondalla’s clerics officiate at weddings and funerals, bless crops and new ventures, and lay plans for community defense. Temples dedicated to Yondalla are often set amid bountiful gardens or farm fields. They always contain storehouses stuffed with food and other necessities, They also contain armories and fortified sections where local halflings can safely ride out natural disasters or enemy attack.

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