Martial One-Handed Melee



Traditionally a Shoanti blade bound to the skull of a horned spirestalker (a breed of Storval Plateau giant gecko), in recent years the armorers of southern Varisia have started crafting these bladed shields from iron.

Cost: 12 gp


  • Small: 1d4
  • Medium: 1d6
  • Large: 1d8

Critical: x2

Range: Melee

Weight: 6 lb

Damage Type: Bludgeoning Piercing Slashing


Benefit — A klar can serve as a weapon or a type of shield.

  • As a Weapon — An attack with a klar is treated as an attack with shield spikes.
  • As Armor — The klar functions as a light wooden or light steel shield when used to defend in combat.
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