Brass Knuckles

Light Melee



These close combat weapons are designed to fit comfortably around the knuckles, narrowing the contact area and therefore magnifying the amount of force delivered by a punch.

Cost: 1 gp


  • Small: 1d3
  • Medium: 1d4
  • Large: 1d6

Critical: x2

Range: Melee

Weight: 1 lb

Damage Type: Bludgeoning Piercing Slashing


Benefit — Brass knuckles allow you to deal lethal damage
Drawback — You may hold, but not wield, a weapon or other object in a hand wearing brass knuckles. You may cast a spell with a somatic component while wearing brass knuckles if you make a concentration check (DC 10 + the level of the spell you're casting).
Note — Monks are proficient with brass knuckles and use their Monk unarmed damage when fighting with them.
Monk — A monk weapon can be used by a monk to perform a flurry of blows.

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