Lesser Deity
Symbol Red pentagram
Home Plane Olympus
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Luck
Worshipers Those wishing for luck
Cleric Alignments CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains Luck, Protection, Travel
Favored Weapon Short sword
Played by Admin

Tyche (tyke-ee) is the deity of good luck in the Olympian pantheon. She appears as human-sized—small compared to most of the other Olympians—with a slim, agile body. She wears a sky-blue tunic and carries either a cornucopia or a rudder, indicating that she steers mortal life. Tyche is the daughter of the titans Oceanus and Tethys—one of three thousand such progeny, most of whom are cloud nymphs. Tyche won her place on Olympus by siding with Zeus and his siblings against the Titans, helping them seize control of the universe.

Tyche has a variety of faces. She is the giver of good fortune and the bringer of evil, a god of whimsy and an emblem of inescapable destiny. Tyche propagates different dogmas among different people at different times, leading to a wide variety of views about her true nature. Some followers of Tyche believe that life is essentially a game of dice, where every situation’s outcome is determined by chance. They offer prayers and sacrifices to Tyche in the hope that she will turn their dice to high numbers, allowing them success in their endeavors. Others believe that the course of life is all laid out by the gods in advance and cannot be altered except by Tyche. Tyche, they believe, can liberate mortals from the fate that lies before them, freeing them from the tyrannical whim of destiny and allowing them to forge their own destiny.While many followers of the Olympian pantheon humbly accept whatever fate the gods choose for them, followers of Tyche try to take their fate into their own hands.

Clergy and Temples
Tyche’s clerics wear blue tunics. They make themselves available in their temples and elsewhere: taverns, gambling houses, streets, and anywhere else that people might call on Tyche for luck. They lead prayers and offer sacrifices in Tyche’s name and are popular among the common folk. Tyche has small shrines in many locations, but no grand temples.

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