Transitive Planes

The Transitive Planes are the glue that holds the cosmos together. By means of these planes, one can move from one plane to another or move across the Material Plane itself with greater speed and ease. The three Transitive Planes are the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and the Plane of Shadow. The Transitive Planes seem to be more different than similar. The vaulted, spacious Astral Plane, the insubstantial and intangible Ethereal Plane, and the dark and brooding Plane of Shadow have their own unique traits.

Yet the Transitive Planes share a number of similarities. All these planes are used for safe or fast travel, to reach areas that might be more difficult to access otherwise. All are mostly empty; most of the space within is used only to access other planes. Permanent structures within Transitive Planes seem to waver and change. Transitive Planes are tied tightly to their coexistent or coterminous planes. Finally, and most important, these planes can all be entered or manipulated by magic, so they have an important place in a spellcaster’s bag of tricks.

Denizens of a Transitive Plane usually come from the planes that it connects with, but a Transitive Plane can have its own native life. Even so, the natives often have a strong affinity to the planes that their transitive home connects to. Creatures found on a Transitive Plane may be visitors, or they may have carved out their own domains within the empty space of the plane. Outsiders are common on Transitive Planes, but Material Plane creatures are equally common, especially magical beasts and undead. Creatures with access to spells or spelllike abilities also travel the Transitive Planes, so humans, humanoids, monstrous humanoids, and dragons can drift through the emptiness.

Spells and spell-like abilities are the most common keys to entering the Transitive Planes. Freestanding portals and vortices to the Transitive Planes are rare. Portals found on a Transitive Plane are often just passing through the plane on their way elsewhere. For example, many magic portals pass through the Astral Plane to reach the Outer Planes, but few portals connect directly into the Astral Plane.

Astral Plane

Ethereal Plane

Plane of Shadow

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