The Hive
Table of Contents



  • The Gatehouse - Insane asylum, headquarters of the Bleak Cabal
  • The Mortuary - Headquarters of the Dustmen, where they take all the corpses of Sigil, to pass them on to whatever is next - a sacred ritual or the furnace.
  • Quake's Place - Headquarters of the Xaositects, a pub that's never the same place twice.
  • Slumbering Lamb Pub - A soup kitchen for the unlucky of the hive. A copper buys a bowl o' brown. So does something to add to the pot.
  • Speckled Rat - A dusty old tavern thats as lively as the Dustmen who drink here.
  • Tenth Pit - A fiendish bar serving those of dark nature and devily delights.
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