Steal Voice

Necromancy ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Level: Bard 2, Sorcerer 2, Witch 2, Wizard 2

Casting Time 1 Standard Action
Components V S M F DF
Range Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area One creature
Duration Permanent, D, P
Saving Throw Fortitude negates
Resistance Yes


The target’s throat constricts, giving it the caster croak spellblight.

Caster Croak

The afflicted spellcaster's throat or mouth is magically constricted. The spellcaster can barely make her words heard, and then only with great effort. A creature under this affect can only make itself heard by others by spending a swift action to focus its will on speech. Casting spells with a verbal component has a 20% chance of spell failure, and the save DCs of any spells she casts with the language-dependent descriptor are reduced by 4. Spell-like abilities are not affected by this spellblight because they lack verbal components. Shouting and screaming is impossible while the creature is affected by this spellblight.

A heal spell or similar effect cures this spellblight, as does casting the shout spell, though doing so is still affected by the spellblight's effects.

This spell can be made permanent.

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