Mad Monkeys

Conjuration (Summoning) [[[[]]]]

Level: Bard 3, Druid 3, Sorcerer 3, Summoner 3, Wizard 3

Casting Time 1 round
Components V S M F DF
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area Swarm of monkeys
Duration 1 round/level, D, P
Saving Throw None
Resistance No


You summon a swarm of screeching, mischievous monkeys.

The swarm understands and obeys your commands and has the statistics of a monkey swarm. Creatures failing a saving throw against the mad monkeys’ distraction attack are deafened for 1 minute as well as nauseated. The monkeys attempt one disarm or steal combat maneuver each turn as a free action against any creature that begins its turn in the swarm, using your caster level plus your casting ability score bonus (Intelligence for wizards; Wisdom for druids and oracles; Charisma for bards, sorcerers, and summoners) for its CMB. Recovering an item from the monkeys requires a successful disarm or steal attempt against that CMD. An object stolen by the monkeys takes swarm damage each round the swarm is in possession of the object.

This spell can be made permanent.

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