Create Water

Conjuration (Creation) [Water]

Level: Cleric 0, Druid 0, Inquisitor 0, Oracle 0, Paladin 1

Casting Time 1 Standard Action
Components V S M F DF
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area Up to 2 gallons of water/level
Duration Instantaneous, D, P
Saving Throw None
Resistance No


This spell generates wholesome, drinkable water, just like clean rain water.

Water can be created in an area as small as will actually contain the liquid, or in an area three times as large — possibly creating a downpour or filling many small receptacles. This water disappears after 1 day if not consumed.

Note: Conjuration spells can't create substances or objects within a creature. Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. One cubic foot of water contains roughly 8 gallons and weighs about 60 pounds.

This spell can be made permanent.

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