Blood Crow Strike

Evocation ([[[]]]) [Evil, Fire]

Level: Cleric 4, Oracle 4

Casting Time 1 Round
Components V S M F DF
Range Medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
Area One Creature
Duration Instanteous, D, P
Saving Throw None
Resistance Yes


Your unarmed strikes release blasts of crow-shaped energy.

Your unarmed strikes release blasts of energy in the form of bolts of fire or glowing red crows, which fly instantaneously to strike your target. You can make unarmed strike or flurry of blows attacks against the target as if it were in your threatened area; each successful attack deals damage as if you had hit it with your unarmed strike, except half the damage is fire and half is negative energy (this negative energy does not heal undead). For example, if you are a 14th-level monk, you can use a flurry of blows to attack five times, creating one energy crow for each successful attack against the target, and dealing 2d6 points of damage (plus appropriate unarmed strike modifiers) with each crow.

This spell can be made permanent.

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