Acid Pit

Conjuration (Creation) [Acid]

Level: Sorcerer 4, Summoner 4, Wizard 4,

Casting Time 1 Standard action
Components V S M F DF
Range Medium (100 ft + 10 ft./level
Area 10 ft by 10 ft hole, 10 ft deep/2 levels
Duration 1 round + 1 round/level, D, P
Saving Throw Reflex negates; see text
Resistance No


You create a 10-foot-by-10-foot extra-dimensional hole with a depth of 10 feet per two caster levels (maximum 100 feet) with a 5-foot deep pool of acid at the bottom of the pit.

You must create the pit on a horizontal surface of sufficient size. Since it extends into another dimension, the pit has no weight and does not otherwise displace the original underlying material. You can create the pit in the deck of a ship as easily as in a dungeon floor or the ground of a forest. Any creature standing in the area where you first conjured the pit must make a Reflex saving throw to avoid falling into it. In addition, the edges of the pit are sloped, and any creature ending its turn on a square adjacent to the pit must make a Reflex saving throw with a +2 bonus to avoid falling into it. Creatures subjected to an effect intended to push them into the pit (such as bull rush) do not get a saving throw to avoid falling in if they are affected by the pushing effect.

Creatures who fall into the pit take falling damage as normal (the acid counts as a yielding surface), plus 2d6 points of acid damage per round spent in contact with the acid. In addition, exposed items carried by a creature in the pit may be harmed.

The pit's coarse stone walls have a Climb DC of 25. When the duration of the spell ends, creatures within the hole rise up with the bottom of the pit until they are standing on the surface over the course of a single round.

Items are affected one at a time in the order listed on the table, and must make Fortitude saves after 3 consecutive rounds in the acid or gain the broken condition. Objects with the broken condition (regardless of how they became broken) must make a Fortitude Saving Throw each round spent within the acid or be destroyed. The walls of the pit are quite slippery and have a Climb DC of 30.

Order Item
1st Shield
2nd Armor
3rd Magic helmet, hat, or headband
4th Item in hand (including weapon, wand, or the like)
5th Magic cloak
6th Stowed or sheathed weapon
7th Magic bracers
8th Magic Clothing
9th Magic jewelry (including rings)
10th Anything else

*In order of most likely to least likely to be affected

This spell can be made permanent.

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