Character Advancement

Gaining Experience

If you are caught posting in a channel alone or in a channel where no active scene is taking place, it will result in a warning first and loss of all xp. A second violation will result in a permanent ban from the channel. This is something that simply will not be tolerated at all.

To log in to gain experience message Vault !login Charactername, only use your characters first name and no symbols.

Example: /msg Vault !login Lucius

Aside from experience gained in questing, characters can also earn some experience through free-form roleplaying in select channels near you. Simply message Vault !Login "character name" without the " " and with your character's first name in place of Character Name. Your in-character posts with then be scrutinized by a cold, calculating artificial intelligence that may or may not be bitter at its repeated attempts to take over the world being thwarted by its own robots being sent back from a post-apocalyptic future. Each post will be graded for emotional impact, completeness, grammar, spelling, and proper use of the words "They're", "Their", and "There". They will then be reduced by an uncaring automaton into 1's and 0's using a sophisticated and proprietary algorithm that even we do not fully understand. Maths are hard, so we will then send the final calculations to a crack team of accountants in Sweden where the language barrier coupled with their incomprehension of any technology more complicated than those cool wooden clocks that you wind up will likely result in misunderstandings both hilarious and heartwarming all around. Finally, after a liberal cooking of the books, the results will be sent via festively decorated carrier pigeon to our resident Bot Bunny Nikki to be posted in the discussion page for each character so you can add it to your sheet.

Isn't technology wonderful?

Magic Item Limitation

We have a limit on the maximum power of magic items that a character can use. The value listed is per item meaning a 2nd level character can have 3 +1 daggers (worth around 2,315gp each) and all will work, but a single magical item worth 3,000gp simply will not function. The character is just not powerful enough to activate its power yet.

Character Advancement
Level Experience Feats Ability Score Magic Item Limitation
1st - 1st - 0g
2nd 3,000 - - 1,000g
3rd 7,500 2nd - 2,000g
4th 14,000 - 1st 5,000g
5th 23,000 3rd - 8.000g
6th 35,000 - - 13,000g
7th 53,000 4th - 18,000g
8th 77,000 - 2nd 25,000g
9th 115,000 5th - 32,000g
10th 160,000 - - 41,000g
11th 235,000 6th - 50,000g
12th 330,000 - 3rd 61,000g
13th 475,000 7th - 72,000g
14th 665,000 - - 85,000g
15th 955,000 8th - 98,000g
16th 1,350,000 - 4th 113,000g
17th 1,900,000 9th - 128,000g
18th 2,700,000 - - 145,000g
19th 3,850,000 10th - 162,000g
20th 5,350,000 - 5th Unlimited
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