Draconians are humanoids created from corrupting a dragon's egg. Each breed of draconian varies according to the type of egg it is spawned from.

Physical Description

Though the physical differences between male and female draconians are subtle (females have wider hips), they possess more fundamental differences in behavior and abilities.

The magic that initially created draconians was not intended to make a race, it was designed to make powerful soldiers. Thus their lives burn out very quickly, making them one of the shortest lived races.

Base Age Age Mod Middle Age Old Venerable
3 +1d4 18 27 36

A male and female Draconian look mostly alike, but one can tell the difference by close observation.

Gender Base Height Height Mod Base Weight Weight Mod
Male 5' +2d6 180 *2d4
Female 4'10 +2d6 140 *2d4


Draconian personalities vary wildly depending on their breed.

Draconian Breeds
There are 10 known breeds of draconians, each based on one of the metallic and chromatic dragons. Draconians can interbreed and each egg has an equal chance of being of the same type of one of the parents.

  • Baaz: Come from the eggs of brass dragons and are the smallest and most common type of draconian. Baaz typically serve as soldiers, and are historically mistreated by other draconian breeds (though female Baaz have a slightly better lot, being superb organizers by nature).
  • Kapak: Come from the eggs of copper dragons. They make good assassins and thieves. Kapaks are larger than Baaz draconians (though smaller than Sivaks) and powerfully muscled; they tend to enjoy battle, but they are not particularly perceptive or creative.
  • Bozak: Come from the eggs of bronze dragons. They are skilled magic users and are typically evil clerics. They take pride in knowing a variety of spells, and Bozaks are also good with languages. Bozaks are physically about the same size as Kapak draconians, but tend to be more intelligent; nevertheless, they are also proficient melee combatants and are natural tacticians and strategists.
  • Sivak: Come from the eggs of silver dragons and are the largest of all draconians, ranging from seven to nine feet in height. They are cunning, powerful warriors.
  • Aurak: Come from the eggs of gold dragons and are the greatest and rarest of the draconians. They are typically mages.
  • Reaaz: Formed from red dragon eggs, these draconians are extremely temperamental and will go into a fiery rage at the slightest provocation. Their breath weapon is so hot they sometimes forge their own weapons with it.
  • Wiak: Formed from white dragon eggs, these draconians have, like white dragons, a limited intelligence and short tempers. They are resistant to cold and they have a frost breath weapon.
  • Bluak: Formed from blue dragon eggs, these draconians are noble and are much like paladins, and they also have abilities akin to paladins, fighting always for good and trying to find acceptance from the people. They are very fond of Kiri-Jolith, the god of good war.
  • Greak: Formed from green dragon eggs, these draconians have innate mysticism, and make good druids.
  • Nerak: Formed from black dragon eggs, these draconians tend to be rogues.


Draconians are a relatively new race, and as such have only small, scattered communities and settlements. They have no real history of their own.


Humans, elves, and dwarves tend to distrust all draconians. Due to the nature of their creation, draconians are hated unconditionally by the dragons that share their color.


Draconians descended from metallic dragons tend to be evil, while chromatic draconians tend to have good alignments.


Draconians typically revere Tiamat or Bahamut, depending on their alignment.


Draconians, being an artificially created race, do not have a language of their own. They tend to speak common and draconic.


Draconian society is largely militaristic. Draconians are not given a last name at birth. Rather, they are given a basic name, and then referred to by their military rank.


Notable Draconians

Racial Traits

  • No Ability Adjustment: Draconians receive no ability benefits or penalties.
  • Medium: Draconians are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Movement: A draconian’s base land speed is 20 feet. All draconians have wings, but they are too small to allow them to fly. Draconians can use their wings only to glide, a useful ability that allows them to fall safely from any height (provided their wings are unimpeded).
  • Darkvision: Draconians can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Dragon Blood: Draconians count as dragons for any effect related to race.
  • Dragon Immunities: Draconians are immune to magic sleep effects and paralysis effects.
  • Energy Resistance: Draconians have Energy resistance 10 to the specific element of their breath weapon.
  • Breath Weapon: All draconians have a breath weapon, but the type and shape is dependent on their breed (see table below). Regardless of the energy type, a draconian can do 1d6 damage per 3 levels per day. For example, a level 12 Aurak draconian can choose to breathe a cone of fire once for 2d6 and once for 3d6 before needing to rest, or once for 5d6. Reflex save DC is 10+draconian's level for 1/2 damage.
  • Natural Weapons: A draconian can attack with a bite for 1d6 piercing damage, or claws for 1d4 slashing.
  • Languages: Draconians begin play speaking Common and Draconic. Draconians with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Celestial, Goblin, Infernal, and Orc.
Dragon Variety Breath Weapon
Black 30-foot line of acid
Blue 30-foot line of lightning
Green 15-foot cone of corrosive (acid) gas
Red 15-foot cone of fire
White 15-foot cone of cold
Brass 30-foot line of fire
Bronze 30-foot line of lightning
Copper 30-foot line of acid
Gold 15-foot cone of fire
Silver 15-foot cone of cold
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