Bariaur are tauric inhabitants of the Upper Planes, combining features of humans and rams. These natives of Ysgard are herbivorous and generally peaceful in nature, though like many of Ysgard’s residents they enjoy competition and do not fear any battle. Their herds are a common sight on the chaotic side of the Upper Planes as they travel from plane to plane. Many bariaur make their way to Sigil on their own as traders, explorers, or just to use it a connecting point between journeys.

Physical Description

Bariaur strongly resemble the centaurs found on some Prime worlds, though they generally do not care for the comparison. Unlike centaurs, a bariaur’s lower body appears to be that of a large goat, instead of a horse, while their torso looks human. In addition, a male bariaur have a large pair of ram horns on his head, while females have smaller, less noticeable horns. Bariaur are generally very mindful of their appearance, considering it a matter of pride to look one’s best. They usually wear shirts, jackets, blouses, or vests, but only to look fashionable, and spend long hours keeping their pelts well groomed. For special occasions some bariaur may even weave jewelry into their fur or suspend it from their horns. Relations: Bariaur are very easy to get along with. They are very accepting of others, and in return most people have few problems with them. Of course, the general disrespect for rules that most bariaur express disturbs those involved with keeping the law. In fact, many bariaur have long suspected that the keepers of the law often single them out without reason, especially the Harmonium. Those who take life seriously or with cynicism, such as certain genasi, tieflings, and zenythri often have difficulty putting up with the typical bariaur cheerfulness. Bariaur, on the other hand, enjoy trying to loosen up such folk, seeing it as a challenge and a service.

The average bariaur reaches adulthood at about the same age as a half-elf, and the eldest members of the race live to well over 200 years of age.

Base Age Age Mod Middle Age Old Venerable
20 +2d6 62 93 125

The typical male weighs nearly 300 pounds, with females about 40 pounds lighter.

Gender Base Height Height Mod Base Weight Weight Mod
Male 5'6 +2d8 240 lb *2d4
Female 5'2 +2d8 200 lb *2d4


The best word to describe bariaur is carefree. They are optimistic about life, always looking to the best possible outcomes of events, as well as the best in other people. Bariaur are very social, and possess a powerful wanderlust, making it hard for them to settle down in one place for long. They constantly wish to try new things and see new places. Staying in one city, or even on one plane, bores them, which is why the herds are known to travel such great distances. Bariaur also enjoy combat, and when challenged they are focused warriors. However, they are not generally blood thirsty and don’t desire to kill their opponents, only to defeat them.


Bariaur are found on many planes, but their herds are found only on Arborea, the Beastlands, Elysium, the Outlands, and Ysgard. These herds roam all across the fields there in a seemingly random fashion, but of these five planes bariaur are by far most numerous on Arborea. As a people bariaur erect no structures, although individual bariaur may do so. Those not found in these herds are usually lone wanderers, protectors of the wilderness, or herders. The majority of bariaur have little contact with civilization, and some have never even seen a city larger than a small town.


They believe strongly in a carefree, unrestricted lifestyle, and do not approve of those that try to restrict others with laws and tyranny. Bariaur whose travels bring them to Sigil are likely to join the Free League, as the Indeps share their views on personal freedom. Many also choose to join the Sensates, who, like most bariaur, seek to experience new things. They are extremely unlikely to join the Doomguard, the Bleak Cabal, or the Dustmen, as the negative views on life expressed by these factions’ do not appeal to bariaur mentality. It is also rare to see them as members of groups such as the Harmonium, for they cannot stand the restrictions enforced by such organizations.


As creatures who value freedom, most bariaurs are chaotic good in alignment. Some more settled bariaurs tend toward neutrality in their approach to good, while a few stray from pure good toward neutrality. Evil bariaurs are extremely rare and always shunned from the flock.


Bariaur have their share of clerics among them, though their close ties to the land also cause a large number to be drawn to the druidic lifestyle. Bariaurs revere Ehlonna, deity of the woodlands, more than most other deities. Some venerate Kord, god of strength, or Pelor, god of the sun.


Bariaur speak Bariaur, Planar Common, and Celestial. The Celestial tongue is used for communication with some of their neighbors on the Upper Planes, while Planar Common is occasionally used for trading and discussion with outsiders.


A bariaur’s name is given to him by his parents. It is usually a simple, one- or two-syllable name (the easier to be shouted across the hills). Within the flock, he denotes his parentage by adding “buck of” his father’s name (or “doe of” the mother’s name, if female); outside the flock, he relies instead on a flock name to indicate the extended family to which he belongs. Flock names typically describe the environments favored by the flock, and can change over time.

  • Male Names: Bex, Hul, Jek, Menok, Ril, Wyk, Cious, Grazik, Darun, Jalen, Lijel, Mihel, Zatar
  • Female Names: Daeth, Hysh, Saph, Tyth, Vash, Floria, Glien, Kilil, Defilia, Entida, Jillia, Welida
  • Flock Names: Cloverfield, Dalewatcher, Hillwalker, Woodstrider, Widewanderers, Greenpastures, Farmountain, Openplain, Windingriver.


The wanderlust shared by many bariaur drives them into the career of adventuring. Usually they begin their careers by simply walking away from the herd one day, and soon they are drawn to try to meet other people, until they often as not wind up in Sigil. Others are drawn to a life of adventure through their exploration of trade opportunities. No matter what drew them to a life of adventure, bariaur embark on their journeys with the gusto with which they typically approach all ventures they undertake.

Notable Bariaurs

Racial Traits

  • +2 Strength, -2 Charisma: Bariaur are stronger than average humans, but their carefree nature often makes them poor leaders.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, bariaurs have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Movement: A bariaur’s base land speed is 40 feet.
  • Darkvision: Bariaurs have darkvision out to 60 feet.
  • Quadruped: As quadrupeds, bariaurs have a carrying capacity 1-1/2 times greater than normal for their Strength. They must wear barding (usually made of studded leather) instead of normal armor and cannot wear boots designed for humanoids.
  • Powerful Charge (Ex): A bariaur often begins a battle by charging at an opponent, lowering its head to smash its rams’ horns against a foe. In addition to the normal benefits and hazards of a charge, this allows the bariaur to make a single bludgeoning attack that deals 2d6 + 1 1⁄2 times the bariaur’s Strength modifier.
  • Automatic Languages: Celestial, Common. Bonus Languages: Elven, Giant, Sylvan.
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