Psion Powers

Astral Traveler: This power allows you or a creature you touch to participate in an astral caravan created through use of the astral caravan power.
Attraction: You plant a compelling attraction in the mind of the subject.
Bolt: You create 2d4 ectoplasmic crossbow bolts, arrows, or sling bullets, appropriate to your size, which dissipate into their constituent ectoplasmic particles when the duration ends or after being fired.
Broker: You gain temporary, intuitive insight into dealing equitably with others. Your next Diplomacy check gains a +2 insight bonus.
Call to Mind: By meditating on a subject, you can recall natural memories and knowledge otherwise inaccessible to you.
Catfall: You recover instantly from a fall and can absorb some damage from falling.
Conceal Thoughts: You protect the subject’s thoughts from analysis.
Control Flames: You pyrokinetically control the intensity or movements of one fire source.
Control Light: By manipulating the ambient light level, you can decrease or increase the illumination of an area.
Create Sound: You create a volume of sound that rises, recedes, approaches, or remains at a fixed place.
Crystal Shard: Upon manifesting this power, you propel a razorsharp crystal shard at your target.
Deceleration: You warp space around an individual, hindering the subject’s ability to move.
Deja Vu: Your mental impulse forces the subject to repeat the actions it took on its previous turn.
Demoralize: You fill your enemies with self-doubt.
Detect Psionics: You detect psionic auras.
Disable: You broadcast a mental compulsion that convinces one or more creatures of a combined total of 4 Hit Dice or less that they are disabled.
Dissipating Touch: Your successful melee touch attack deals 1d6 points of damage.
Distract: Target gets -4 bonus on Perception, and Sense Motive checks.
Ecto Protection: An astral construct gains bonus against Dismiss Ectoplasm.
Ectoplasmic Sheen: You draw forth ectoplasm in an area, causing the surface to become slick.

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