Power lists for characters with psionics.

Approved Powers

Name Augment Discipline Level Description Edit
Body of Iron A Metacreativity (Creation) [[[[]]]]

Psion 8, Psychic Warrior 6

You transform your body into living iron, which grants you several powerful resistances and abilities. edit
Body Purification A Psychometabolism (Healing) [[[[]]]]

Psion 3, Psychic Warrior 2

You restore up to 2 points of damage to a single ability score. edit
Bolt A Metacreativity (Creation) [[[[]]]]

Psion 1

You create 2d4 ectoplasmic crossbow bolts, arrows, or sling bullets, appropriate to your size, which dissipate into their constituent ectoplasmic particles when the duration ends or after being fired. edit
Brain Lock A Telepathy (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting]

Telepath 2

The subject’s higher mind is locked away. edit
Breach A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 2

You psionically open stuck, barred, or locked doors, as well as those subject to hold portal or arcane lock. edit
Breath of the Black Dragon A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [Acid]

Psion 6, Psychic Warrior 6

Your mouth spews forth vitriolic acid that deals 11d6 points of acid damage to any targets in the area. edit
Broker A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 1

You gain temporary, intuitive insight into dealing equitably with others. Your next Diplomacy check gains a +2 insight bonus. edit
Burst A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Nomad 1, Psychic Warrior 1

This power increases your land speed by 10 feet. edit
Call to Mind A Telepathy ([[[]]]) [Mind-Affecting]

Psion 1

By meditating on a subject, you can recall natural memories and knowledge otherwise inaccessible to you. edit
Call Weaponry A Psychoportation (Teleportation) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 1

You call a weapon “from thin air” into your waiting hand (actually, it is a real weapon hailing from another location in space and time). edit
Catapsi A Telepathy ([[[]]]) [Mind-Affecting]

Psion 5, Psychic Warrior 5

By manifesting this power, you generate psychic static, interfering with the ability of other psionic characters to manifest their powers or use psi-like abilities (you are not affected by your own catapsi manifestation). edit
Catfall A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 1, Psychic Warrior 1

You recover instantly from a fall and can absorb some damage from falling. edit
Chameleon A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Egoist 2, Psychic Warrior 1

Your skin and equipment take on the color and texture of nearby objects, including floors and walls. edit
Clairtangent Hand A Clairsentience (Scrying) [[[[]]]]

Seer 5

You can emulate a far hand effect at any distance while simultaneously emulating clairvoyant sense to target your far hand; see the appropriate power descriptions. edit
Clairvoyant Sense A Clairsentience (Scrying) [[[[]]]]

Seer 2

You can see and hear a distant location almost as if you were there. edit
Claw of Energy A Psychokinesis ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 4

If you have a claw attack (either from an actual natural weapon or from an effect such as claws of the beast), you can use this power to energize that weapon. edit
Claws of the Beast A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 1

You call forth the aggressive nature of the beast inherent in yourself, psionically transforming your hands into deadly claws. edit
Claws of the Vampire A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 3

If you have a claw attack (either from an actual natural weapon or from an effect such as claws of the beast), you can use this power to change the nature of that weapon. edit
Cleanse Body A Psychometabolism (Healing) [[[[]]]]

Psion 2

You dispel any psionic effects reducing one of the subject’s ability scores or cure 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to one of the subject’s ability scores. edit
Cleanse Spirit A Psychometabolism (Healing) [[[[]]]]

Egoist 6

This power cures all ability damage, and it restores all points drained from a single ability score (your choice if more than one score is drained). edit
Cloud Mind A Telepathy ([[[]]]) [Mind-Affecting]

Psion 2

You make yourself completely undetectable to the subject by erasing all awareness of your presence from its mind. edit
Compelling Voice A Telepathy (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting, language-dependent]

Telepath 2

You tune your voice to the empathic vibrations of your target, making the next words you speak seem very convincing (limited to a sentence or two). edit
Compression A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 1

This power causes instant diminution, halving your height, length, and width and dividing your weight by 8. edit
Concealing Amorpha A Metacreativity (Creation) [[[[]]]]

Psion 2, Psychic Warrior 2

Quasi-real membrane grants you concealment. edit
Concealing Amorpha, Greater A Metacreativity (Creation) [[[[]]]]

Shaper 3, Psychic Warrior 3

Quasi-real membrane grants you great concealment. edit
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