Power lists for characters with psionics.

Approved Powers

Name Augment Discipline Level Description Edit
Steadfast Perception A Clairsentience ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 4

Gain +6 to perception checks. edit
Stomp A Psychokinesis ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 1

Subjects fall prone and take 1d4 nonlethal damage. edit
Strength of My Enemy A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psychic Warrior 2

You gain the ability to siphon away your enemy’s strength for your own use. edit
Suspend Life A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 6, Psychic Warrior 6

You can place yourself into a trance so deep that you are almost in suspended animation. edit
Sustained Flight A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 6

You can fly. edit
Sustenance A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 2, Psychic Warrior 2

You can go without food and water for one day. edit
Swarm of Crystals A Metacreativity (Creation) [[[[]]]]

Psion 2

Crystal shards are sprayed forth doing 3d4 slashing damage. edit
Synesthete A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 1, Psychic Warrior 1

You receive one kind of sensory input when a different sense is stimulated. edit
Telekinetic Force A Psychokinesis ([[[]]]) [Force]

Psion 3

Move an object, creature or yourself with the sustained force of your mind. edit
Telekinetic Maneuver A Psychokinesis ([[[]]]) [Force]

Psion 4

You can affect a foe by concentrating your mind upon its current status and the status you desire, once per round. edit
Telempathic Projection A Telepathy (Charm) [Mind-Affecting]

Psion 1

You alter the subject’s mood, adjusting its attitude toward you by one step in a positive direction. edit
Telepathic Lash A Telepathy (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting]

Psion 1

Your mind lashes out, overwhelming your target with raging emotions, flooding their mind with memories and impulses they are hard pressed to control, rendering them unable to take any actions. edit
Temporal Acceleration A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 6

Your time frame accelerates for 1 round. edit
Thicken Skin A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Egoist 1, Psychic Warrior 1

Your skin or natural armor thickens and spreads across your body, increasing your natural armor bonus by +1. edit
Thought Shield A Telepathy ([[[]]]) [Mind-Affecting]

Psion 2, Psychic Warrior 2

You fortify your mind against intrusions, gaining power resistance 13 against all mind-affecting powers. edit
Time Hop A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 3

The subject of the power hops forward in time 1 round for every manifester level you have. edit
Time Hop, Mass A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Nomad 8

As time hop, except you can affect any number of willing subjects in range, including yourself. edit
Timeless Body A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 9

Your body ignores all harmful (and helpful) effects, beginning when you finish manifesting this power and ending at the end of your next turn. edit
Time Regression A Psychoportation ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Nomad 9

You can regress apparent time 1 round into the past. In effect, you “replay” the previous round of activity. edit
Tornado Blast A Psychokinesis ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Kineticist 9

Vortex of air subjects your foes to 17d6 damage and moves them. edit
Touchsight A Psychometabolism ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 3

Your telekinetic field tells you where everything is. edit
Tower of Iron Will A Telepathy ([[[]]]) [Mind-Affecting]

Psion 5

Grant PR 19 against mind-affecting powers to all creatures within 10 ft. until your next turn. edit
Trace Psychoport A Clairsentience ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 4

You can trace the destination of any psionic or magical teleportation made by others within this power’s area within the last minute. edit
Trigger Power A Clairsentience ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 6

You can place another power upon your person so that it comes into effect under some condition you dictate when manifesting trigger power. edit
True Creation A Metacreativity (Creation) [[[[]]]]

Shaper 9

As major ectoplasmic creation, except items created are enduring and cannot be negated by dispelling magic or negating powers. edit
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