Shatter Mind Blank

Telepathy ([[[]]]) [[[[]]]]

Psion 5

Manifesting Time 1 Standard Action
Display Auditory Material Mental Olfactory Visual
Range 30-ft.
Area 30-ft.-radius burst centered on you
Duration Instantaneous, D
Saving Throw None
Resistance Yes
Power Points 9


This power can negate a barred mind, mind blank, or a personal barred mind affecting all creatures within range.

If the affected creatures fail their saves and do not overcome your attempt with power resistance, you can shatter the effects by making a successful check (1d20 + your manifester level, maximum +20) against a DC equal to 11 + the manifester level of the creator of each of the effects. If you succeed, the barred mind or mind blank effect ends. Use the same check against each barred mind, mind blank, or personal barred mind effect.

Augment: By spending an additional 4 power points, you may designate creatures within the affected area who are not affected by your manifestation of shatter mind blank.

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