Empathic Transfer, Hostile

Telepathy ([[[]]]) [Mind-Affecting]

Telepath 3, Psychic Warrior 3

Manifesting Time 1 Standard Action
Display Auditory Material Mental Olfactory Visual
Range Touch
Area Creature touched
Duration Instantaneous, D
Saving Throw Will half
Resistance Yes
Power Points 5


You transfer your hurt to another.

When you manifest this power and then make a successful touch attack, you can transfer 50 points of damage (or less, if you choose) from yourself to the touched creature. The damage you transfer may not exceed the damage you currently have. You immediately regain hit points equal to the amount of damage you transfer.

You cannot use this power to gain hit points in excess of your full normal total. The transferred damage is empathic in nature, so powers and abilities the subject may have such as damage reduction and regeneration do not lessen or change this damage.

The damage transferred by this power has no type, so even if the subject has immunity to the type of damage you originally took, the transfer occurs normally and deals hit point damage to the subject.

Augment: You can augment this power in one or both of the following ways.

1. For every additional power point you spend, you can transfer an additional 5 points of damage (maximum 70 points per manifestation), although you must still have that amount of actual damage to transfer.

2. If you spend 6 additional power points, this power affects all creatures in a 20-foot-radius spread centered on you, transferring the full amount of damage to each creature, although no matter how many targets you affect, you only heal the highest amount transferred to any one target.

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