Ectoplasmic Creation, Major

Metacreativity (Creation) [[[[]]]]

Psion 5

Manifesting Time 10 minutes
Display Auditory Material Mental Olfactory Visual
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area -
Duration See text, D
Saving Throw None
Resistance No
Power Points 9


You shape raw ectoplasm into a nonmagical, unattended object of nonliving, organic matter. You can also create an object of mineral nature: stone, crystal, metal, or the like

This power functions like ectoplasmic creation. The duration of the created item varies with its relative hardness and rarity, as indicated on the following table.

Hardness and Rarity Examples Duration
Vegetable matter 2 hr./level
Stone, crystal, base metals 1 hr./level
Precious metals 20 min./level
Gems 10 min./level
Rare metal* 1 round/level
  • Includes adamantine, alchemical silver, and mithral.

You can’t use major modify matter to create a cold iron item. Additional rare items are possible at the GM’s discretion, but should typically be limited to 1 round/level.


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