Greater Deity
Symbol Trident
Home Plane Olympus
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio Sea, Rivers, Earthquakes
Worshipers Sailors, Fishers, Coast dwellers
Cleric Alignments CE, CG, CN
Domains Chaos, Earth, Water
Favored Weapon Trident
Played by Admin

Poseidon (poh-side-uhn), god of the sea, appears as a large male human with long, flowing black hair and beard. He wears a tunic and carries a trident. Tritons, merfolk, and sea nymphs often accompany him. Poseidon is one of the six children of Cronus and Rhea.

Like other chaotic neutral deities, Poseidon requires little from his followers beyond sacrifices. His clerics sacrifice a bull to their patron (by throwing it into the sea) at least once a month, and Poseidon remains relatively placid. Sailors and coastal dwellers must be sure not to anger this temperamental deity. Poseidon has been known to flatten coastal cities with tidal waves or earthquakes when they displeased him, The hero Odysseus was condemned to ten long years of wandering because he blinded one of Poseidon’s children, the cyclops Polyphemos. Poseidon represents all the bounty and the danger of the sea, bringing forth life (he is said to have created both horses and cattle) and taking it away.

Clergy and Temples
Poseidon’s clerics have the weighty duty of staving off the deity’s volatile anger. They offer sacrifices, pray his blessing on boats and ships, and accompany sailors on their voyages. They are among the most well-raveled clerics of the pantheon, and are usually not affiliated with a specific temple for long. Poseidon’s temples are always located within sight of the sea, often on promontories, seaside cliffs, or islands. They are usually open to the sea air.

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