Discipline Powers

Level 1

Control Object - You telekinetically “bring to life” an inanimate object.

Level 2

Control Air - You have some control over wind speed and direction.
Energy Missile - Deal 3d6 energy damage to up to five subjects.

Level 3

Energy Cone - You create a cone of energy of your active energy type (cold, electricity, fire, or sonic), extending outward from your hand, that deals 5d6 points of damage to every creature or object within the area.

Level 4

Control Body - You psychokinetically control the actions of any humanoid (including undead or outsiders with a humanoid physiology) that is within range and to which you have line of sight.
Energy Ball - You create an explosion of energy of your active energy type (cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) that deals 7d6 points of damage to every creature or object within the area.
Inertial Barrier - You gain damage reduction 5/–.

Level 5

Energy Current - Deal 9d6 damage to one foe and half to another foe as long as you concentrate.
Fiery Discorporation - You use your mastery of energy to cheat death. If you are within 30 feet of an open flame, you can use this power.

Level 6

Dispelling Buffer - Subject is buffered from one Dispel Psionics effect.
Null Psionics Field - Create a field where psionic power does not function.

Level 7

Reddopsi - Powers and psi-like effects targeted on you are reversed back upon the original manifester.

Level 8

Psychokinetic Sphere - A globe of shimmering force encloses a creature, provided the creature is small enough to fit within the diameter of the sphere, and contains it for the duration of the effect.

Level 9

Tornado Blast - Vortex of air subjects your foes to 17d6 damage and moves them.

Discipline Talents (Ps)

Choose two powers from the following list: energy ray, far hand, force screen, or my light.

As long as you maintain psionic focus, you may manifest either of your chosen powers without paying a power point cost, but the power may not be augmented or affected by metapsionic feats. The damage of energy ray is reduced to 1d3, the shield bonus of force screen is reduced to +2, and the duration of my light is reduced to 1 round/level.

Discipline Abilities

Telekinetic Hurl (Su)

At 2nd level, as long as you maintain psionic focus, you gain the ability to telekinetically hurl objects of up to 5 lbs. as a ranged attack at an enemy within 30 ft. Such attacks deal 1d4 points of damage due to the force exerted. This damage increases by 1d4 points of damage for every four psion levels thereafter.

Kinetic Aura (Su)

At 8th level, you gain a +1 deflection bonus to AC. This bonus increases by +1 every three levels thereafter.

Energetic Recharge (Su)

At 14th level, once per day, you can expend psionic focus as an immediate action when you would take damage from cold, electricity, fire, force, or sonic damage to convert the damage into power points, at a rate of 1 power point per 5 damage. You suffer none of the converted damage, but may not gain more than your manifester level in power points. For example, if a 14th level kineticist suffers 80 points of cold damage, he may expend his psionic focus to convert up to 70 points of that damage into 14 power points. He takes the remaining 10 points of cold damage as normal.

Energy Immunity (Su)

At 20th level, when you gain psionic focus, you gain immunity to either cold, electricity, fire, force, or sonic, at your choice. You may change this immunity by gaining psionic focus again, and need not maintain psionic focus to maintain the immunity.

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