Intermediate Deity
Symbol Fist holding six red arrows
Home Plane Acheron
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Tyranny, War, Discord, Massacres, Conflict, Fitness
Worshipers Fighters, Monks, Conquerors, Tyrants
Cleric Alignments LE, LN, NE
Domains Destruction, Evil, Law, War
Favored Weapon Flail
Played by Admin

The deity of tyranny, Hextor (heks-tore), sometimes appears as a handsome man with dark hair and light skin (and he is often depicted as such in his role as a deity of fitness). Most often he takes the form of a gray-skinned, horrible six-armed humanoid. In this form, he uses a different weapon in each arm and wears iron scale armor with many skull decorations. Hextor is the archfoe of Heironeous, his half brother and fellow war deity.

Hextor seeks to conquer or destroy any that oppose him. He tells his followers that the world is a dark and bloody place where the strong rule the weak, and power is the only reward worth anything. The cruel and unrelenting pursuit of one’s goals is the only reliable path to success. Order must be forged out of chaos and law out of anarchy. Tyranny brings order out of chaos. Dissenters must be oppressed or destroyed lest anarchy reign.

Clergy and Temples
Hextor’s sect is not as secretive as other dark religions. Temples of Hextor operate openly in many cities, and clerics wear black clothing adorned with skulls or gray faces. Hextor’s clerics constantly plan or lead attacks on rebels and dogooders. They revile good-hearted rulers and governments that nurture personal freedoms, and they are forever scheming to weaken or overthrow regimes that seem likely targets for conquest. When not actually fighting or plotting, they train themselves in the arts of war. Many serve as generals, military advisors, or enforcers to aggressive rulers or iron-fisted tyrants. Hextor’s clerics also oppose clerics of Heironeous wherever and whenever they can. Temples to Hextor are always forbidding fortresses, built to impress the common folk with Hextor’s power. Many of his temples are constructed on sites that have seen many great battles because of their strategic value.

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