Symbol Lion's head
Home Plane Olympus
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Strength, Adventure
Worshipers Fighters, Athletes
Cleric Alignments CG, LG, NG
Domains Chaos, Luck, Strength
Favored Weapon Greatclub
Played by Admin

Hercules (herk-you-lees), god of strength, appears as a large, muscular man with a tangled beard. He wears a lion’s skin and carries a massive club. Hercules is the son of Zeus, born to a mortal mother, and he had to earn his way to godhood. (As an ascended mortal, Hercules does not have outsider Hit Dice as other members of the pantheon do.) During his mortal existence, he was impulsive and hedonistic, liable to do or attempt almost anything just for the fun of it. He was also infamous for his temper, and the slightest insult or affront was enough to provoke him. He was always deeply remorseful afterward, especially when he overreacted. Since attaining godhood, Hercules has shown more restraint, though he is still very proud and more than a little vain. If tricked, swindled, or lied to, Hercules seeks revenge even if it takes him years to get even.

Hercules expects his followers to keep fit and to rely on their physical prowess to overcome any difficulties they might encounter. If there’s one thing that impresses Hercules, it’s confidence. He promotes physical challenges as a method for resolving disputes among his followers. Such challenges might include wrestling matches between two people having an argument, or longer quests in which people attempt to perform a series of daunting tasks. While a mortal, Hercules himself once completed a series of twelve great tasks as a penance after flying into a rage.

Clergy and Temples
Clerics of Hercules believe in swift action, and they disdain intricate planning or long debates. They spend their time keeping fit and helping others do the same. They also organize athletic events and other physical contests. They often try to outdo each other by undergoing long and demanding quests. Temples to Hercules tend to be spacious and airy. They always include at least one gymnasium and usually extensive baths. They invariably have adjoining fields for athletic competitions.

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