Intermediate God
Symbol Hammer and anvil
Home Plane Olympus
Alignment Neutral good]]]
Portfolio Smithing, Crafts
Worshipers Dwarves, Artisans, Fighters
Cleric Alignments LG, LN, NG
Domains Artifice, Community, Earth, Fire, Good
Favored Weapon Warhammer
Played by Admin

The god of blacksmithing, fire, and crafts, Hephaestus (hef-faystuss), usually appears as a tall, bearded giant with a club foot and a hunchback. Among the comely gods of Olympus, only he is ugly. It is said that his mother, Hera, tried to cast him out. If so, that must have been in the distant past. Hephaestus is highly honored among the gods as their armorer and smith. Bards’ tales say that volcanoes mark the sites of his forges. Hephaestus is a patron of all the civilized arts, though smiths are his special charges. He is married to Aphrodite but secretly loves Athena, who either does not notice or does not deign to acknowledge his affection.

Hephaestus is a peaceful deity who teaches the value of hard labor, honesty, dependability. He emphasizes loyalty to family and to whomever else loyalty is due: superiors, just rules, and elders most of all. He encourages his followers to tackle their problems with vigor and persistence, like smiths hammering bits of metal into more desirable shapes.

Clergy and Temples
Clerics of Hephaestus are charged with maintaining civic life. They perform a wide range of public ceremonies, most importantly welcoming children into family and community. They also see to educating the young and especially to training apprentice smiths and other craftworkers. Every temple or shrine of Hephaestus a fire that is kept perpetually lit, and most include a smithy or other workshop. Hostels and sanctuaries for the infirm and the handicapped are also common.

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