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Start by finding us on the interwebs. You will need a client in order to get started. The two most popular can be found here. mIRC has a cost associated with it but is a stand alone client. Mibbit does not but is browser based.

Next step is to locate us. We are on the Darkmyst server, you can select any random Darkmyst server to connect to.
Once connected, simply type /join #The_Cage_OOC
Channel List

Finally, in order to get started, you need to request permission to join the cage.

Channel Rules

  • Be cool, and know when to chill.
  • Have fun, or else.
  • We have a loose policy against channel idling, but players in a channel have the right to request an administrator clear a roleplaying channel of idlers.
  • If you are caught rolling in any IC channel or posting in a channel alone or in a channel where no active scene is taking place, it will result in a warning first and loss of all xp. If you are caught doing this again, this will result in a permanent ban from the channel. This is something that simply will not be tolerated at all.
  • It is not appropriate, polite, or acceptable to comment oocly on someone's rp. Unless you are asked by a player to give feedback, don't do it, keep your opinions to yourself, this includes the ooc chan and pm's. You will be warned once and then a one hour ban will be put into place, second offense will be a 24 hour ban, and the third time will result in a permanent ban.

Character Creation

Now that you are connected (or at the very least, know how to do so) you need to select the type of character that you want to play, there are a host of options as listed below. Please note that evil aligned characters can only be built after you have successfully played your first character to level 5.


  • Restricted Evil Alignments, before an evil aligned character can be created, you must have a character that has reached level 5.
  • The basic rules for Dungeons & Dragons can be found here in the System Reference Document (often called the SRD).
  • 8 points in all stats, 30 point 1:1 buy, 18 max in any stat. Then add/subtract racials.
  • 250 starting gold
  • HP generation is max +/- Con at each level
  • Languages - Characters must learn to speak and read languages individually.
  • All casting (Arcane and Divine) is considered spontaneous. However this does mean all casting is treated as such, meaning metamagics require a full round to apply without appropriate training such as the Rapid Metamagic feat.
  • Eschewing Materials, all spellcasters can ignore material costs up to 125gp. Taking the feat Eschew Materials doubles this to 250gp.
  • Multiclassing limited to 4 classes/PRC's. Any PRC started must be completed before another can be started.
  • Monk AC Bonus and other similar bonuses do not stack with each other
  • Unlimited cantrips/orisons at 10th level and onwards
  • Criticals: When rolling a skill check, a natural one subtracts ten from the roll and a natural twenty adds ten to the roll.
  • Other rules listed here.

Since you have already created a name for your character, simply place the first name only in the box below to create your character's page. Once it has been saved, send the link to an admin or request that they approve your character.

Now that your character has been built, take some time to learn about the world you are stepping into by reading through the information on Sigil

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