Price: +2 Bonus
Property: Any Weapon
Caster Level: 17th
Aura: Strong; (DC 23) no school
Activation: None

This weapon has an inner glow of varying brightness. It glows more brightly when brought near those with psionic ability.

A psychic weapon’s power depends on its wielder. It gains an enhancement bonus based on the wielder’s current power point reserve.

This benefit doesn’t stack with the weapon’s normal enhancement bonus. The weapon’s enhancement bonus decreases (to a minimum of +1) as the wielder spends power points, and it increases whenever the wielder gains enough power points (by any means) to put his power point reserve into the next higher category.

Power Point Reserve Enhancement Bonus
0 +1
1–29 +2
30–79 +3
80–129 +4
130 or higher +5

Synergy Prerequisite


Creation Prerequisites

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Wish or Reality Revision.

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