Price: +1 Bonus
Property: Any Weapon
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 17) necromancy
Activation: Standard (command)

This black weapon is decorated with a single silver skull. A runic phrase describing a vile act runs along its blade or haft.

By speaking the appropriate command word, you can sheathe a profane weapon in crackling black negative energy.

If you have no Constitution score, this energy does not harm you; otherwise you take 1 point of Constitution damage for each round that you hold the weapon while the effect is activated. This effect lasts until you speak another command word to end it.
While activated, a profane weapon deals an extra 1d6 points of damage to any living target (or 2d6 points against a good outsider) on a successful hit. Also, it is treated as evil-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
Projectile weapons bestow this property upon their ammunition.

Synergy Prerequisite


Creation Prerequisites

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Cause Light Wounds.

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