Mighty Smiting

Price: +1 Bonus
Property: Melee Weapon
Caster Level: 8th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 19) evocation
Activation: None

This weapon feels heavier than a normal weapon of its type. Inscribed on its surface is a message affirming its superiority over some category of creature.

If you have a smite ability, you gain an extra +2 bonus on your smite attack rolls and damage rolls.

In addition, you gain one additional use of your smite ability each day while wielding this weapon. If you have more than one smite ability, you must choose which one gains the extra use.
A weapon of mighty smiting only grants one extra smite per day, regardless of how many characters wield it.

Synergy Prerequisite


Creation Prerequisites

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Divine Power.

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