Price: +1 Bonus
Property: Any Weapon
Caster Level: 12th
Aura: Strong; (DC 21) conjuration
Activation: None

Carved into the handle of this weapon is a single rune in the Gnome language representing the foe the weapon is dedicated to slaying.

A fiercebane weapon excels at attacking one type or subtype of creature.

It acts as a bane weapon against the creature type (and subtype, if relevant) to which its synergy prerequisite ability was attuned. Whenever it strikes its designated bane enemy, it begins to emit a low, eager hum, as if it were actually feeding off the victim’s life blood.
A fiercebane weapon glows when a designated foe comes within 60 feet, even if you cannot see or detect it. In addition, the weapon deals extra damage on every successful critical hit. The amount depends on its critical multiplier, as follows.

Critical Multiplier Extra Damage
×2 1d10
×3 2d10
×4 3d10

Projectile weapons bestow this property upon their ammunition.

Synergy Prerequisite


Creation Prerequisites

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Summon Monster I.

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