Lesser Deity
Symbol Mare's head
Home Plane Olympus
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Agriculture
Worshipers Farmers
Cleric Alignments CN, LN, N, NG, NE
Domains Earth, Plant, Protection
Favored Weapon Shortspear or Halfspear
Played by Admin

Deity of agriculture and fertility, Demeter (dee-mee-ter) is an earth god whose very moods are reflected in the life and fertility of the earth. She appears as a motherly woman, draped in robes the color of vegetation: lush green in the spring and summer, gold in autumn, and brown or black in winter which is when she mourns for her daughter, Persephone. She is one of the six children of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.

Demeter holds sway over the earth’s yearly cycle of growth and decay. Farmers in particular revere her, offering special prayers and sacrifices to her at planting, throughout the growing season, and at harvest time. She urges her followers to treat the earth with care and respect, and she dictates agricultural procedures to ensure the continued fertility of the soil, such as rotating crops and leaving fields fallow.

Clergy and Temples
Clerics devoted to Demeter are always members of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Wearing green, gold, or brown tunics, they preside at agricultural festivals, bless plantings and harvests, and lead new initiates into the Mysteries. Few are active in adventuring. Demeter’s temples are widespread, and they range from elaborate structures to simple village shrines.

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