Clerk's Ward
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  • Civic Festhall - Headquarters of the Society of Sensation, some of the best concerts and plays can be found here, and the always exciting Sensorium.
  • The Garden - A strange tavern where lush vegetation and trees grow in a glass dome, a rare sight in the down-ridden and industrial Sigil. A circular bar sits in the middle of the park-like environment, selling only raw food served in natural containers with no meat outside of a single raw fish dish. The owner is a Thri-Kreen.
  • Greengage - Serving the best cider in the city, it is run by planars of a shorter nature.
  • Hall of Records - Headquarters of the Fated. A former campus of a wizardly college, it now holds all records, deeds, and tax forms in the city.
  • Hall of Speakers - Headquarters of the Sign of One, where the city's officials come to debate and argue over laws and trade.
  • Retreat of the Artisian - A tavern serving to those poets and artists that make their home in this ward.
  • Trianym - A place of podiums on the street, where any berk can stand up and speak his mind.
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