Psychic Warrior

One who turns the mind’s potential to the warrior’s art is known as a psychic warrior. Where psions devote themselves wholly to the development of mind-engendered abilities, psychic warriors give emphasis to the development of the body. With mental and physical energy working in union, the psychic warrior strives toward martial perfection. The sword, axe, and bow are physical tools that psychic warriors embrace along with their psionic abilities. Well trained in both physical and psionic matters, the psychic warrior is a formidable adversary.


The defining trait of the psychic warrior is his ability to supplement his physical attacks with psionic feats and powers. A combination of strength, martial skill, and psionic ability allows the psychic warrior to match and sometimes surpass a normal fighter of equal experience. As the psychic warrior gains experience and power, his fighting skills and psionic abilities grow in concert.


A psychic warrior’s training requires the ability to give equal shrift to what others consider polar opposites of physical and mental ability. Psychic warriors tend toward chaotic alignments, but a chaotic outlook is not a requirement.


Psychic warriors prefer to worship nonlawful deities, often choosing Pelor (deity of the sun), Kord (deity of strength), or Erythnul (deity of slaughter). But, as with psions, psychic warriors’ reliance on their will and internal fortitude often make them poor supplicants.


A psychic warrior typically grows up among a society or small community of “the like-minded,” founded by psions who wished to develop their powers in seclusion. Such communes are rare, but their existence provides some protection in a world often hostile to those with powerful mental abilities. Psychic warriors are often the children of psions, and just as often grow up dissatisfied with the regimen of commune life.
Although many adopt the class out of this sense of rebellion, most psychic warriors still feel a deep connection to the commune or society in which they were raised and trained.
A few have no such connection, their only ties being to their own paths of personal development.


The inborn gift for psionics is unpredictable, and it can show up in any of the common races. Of the races with a penchant for psionic ability, half-giants are particularly drawn to this class, admiring the psychic warrior’s mixture of mental might and physical prowess.
Among all other creatures, little opportunity for psychic warrior training is available; however, a few psychic warriors exist in the ranks of the mind flayers.

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