The duskblade blurs the line between spellcaster and warrior, marrying the power of magic with hand-to-hand combat prowess. A student of ancient elven spellcasting techniques, the duskblade combines arcane spellcasting with the combat skills of a fighter. While the ability to cast arcane spells in armor originated with the elves, over the millennia the secrets of the duskblade have been disseminated to the other races and today members of any race can become a duskblade.


Choosing the path of the duskblade means you don’t have to choose between being a combat specialist and a spellcaster. You enjoy the best of both worlds, and you’ll undertake any quest that promises to improve either your spellcasting or your melee prowess.


Since the duskblade class originated among the elves, those who undergo the intense training required to master the class abilities at the hands of an elf mentor often end their apprenticeship sharing the chaotic good alignment of most elves. However, duskblades are highly individualist and can be of any alignment.


The demands of martial and arcane discipline don’t leave much room for religion in the typical duskblade. Good-aligned duskblades typically venerate Corellon Larethian, even if they aren’t elves, because he supposedly taught the first duskblades the secret of combining melee combat with arcane casting. A few worship Boccob as the personification of their own mastery of magic, while more honor Wee Jas, who exemplifies both the magic they wield and also the death that they deal.


The original duskblades were elite guardians in an ancient elf empire, duelmasters and arcane spellcasters beyond compare. Historical accounts vary on why they were called duskblades; some say the name is symbolic of how they combined swordplay and arcane magic—a night-and-day combination. Others contend that the duskblades earned their name when they were charged with preserving the elf race in the face of a tide of darkness and evil.


The duskblade class originated among the ancient elves, and to this day most duskblades are elves. However, some humans and half-elves also have proved adept at mastering the class’s dual focus on combat and spellcasting. Halflings, gnomes, dwarves, and half-orcs rarely enter this class.

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