Intermediate God
Symbol Spear
Home Plane Olympus
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio War, Killing, Strife
Worshipers Fighters, Barbarians, Half-Orcs
Cleric Alignments CE, CN, NE
Domains Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War
Favored Weapon Halfspear
Played by Admin

The god of strife, Ares (air-ees), usually appears as a large man with burning, hateful eyes and a permanent scowl etched across his face. Ares is the personification of the savage side of war. He is fond of strife, anger, and unrestrained bloodletting. He also is jealous, untrustworthy, and easily offended. As such, he is not a very popular god among mortals or among the other gods. He is the son of Zeus and Hera, both of whom detest him. Ares is the archfoe of Athena, his half sister (after a fashion) and fellow war god.

Ares teaches that the world is a cruel and terrible place where only the strong have a right to happiness. He instructs his followers to answer every insult, lie when necessary, and covet what is not theirs. All these acts, says Ares, can lead one into the joy of battle.

Clergy and Temples
Ares’s clerics prefer crimson garb and do whatever they can to promote strife and open warfare. Many serve as generals or military advisors to aggressive rulers. Still others lead bands of bloodthirsty raiders that terrorize the countryside. When not actually fighting or plotting, they train in the arts of war. Many clerics of Ares are cleric/fighters or cleric/barbarians. Ares’s clerics oppose clerics of Athena wherever and whenever they can. Wherever the two sects meet, blood is sure to flow. Temples to Ares are rare. They are usually forbidding fortresses built to intimidate civilians and serve as bases for raiding or other military action.

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